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Where do You belong?

Ever wondered and asked yourself this simple yet thought provoking question, where do you belong? Let me take you on a journey.

I ask you Today to choose

I ask you Today to think long and hard and use your grey matter like you have never used before

I urge you Today to speak to the most important person in your Life (i.e yourself) and seek answers

I go to the extent of goading you Today to know yourself a bit more than yesterday

And I do it for your own sake, to help you know where do you BELONG.

Are you willing? So, Let’s get rolling.

Let’s get detached from wherever you are. Let’s fantasize

Where do You belong

  1. The Mountain Mantra

Imagine YOU standing on a Mountain Peak at this very Moment after an arduous and adventurous climb but still game for more

Imagine the sound of the movement of the leaves and the chirping of the birds

Imagine the Zephyr dancing past your ears

Imagine the reverberations of the water streams flowing down the hills

Imagine scores of ice laden Peaks as far as the eyes can see

Imagine crystal clear blue sky kissing those peaks

Imagine acres of green fields

Imagine the animals grazing in those fields

Imagine a Hamlet sandwiched between those fields

Imagine not a care or worry for the World

Imagine not a soul in sight and the only company you have in this Moment is YOU

Imagine all the above in a single frame before your eyes.

Imagine the PEACE


Does a feeling of Belongingness to Nature arise?

How does it make you feel?

Surreal….Sanguine….Euphoric….Buoyant….Optimistic….Upbeat….a feeling of belongingness to the Mountains

What if this Moment lasts an eternity?

Would you complain? Would you miss anything? Would you have any regrets?

If you won’t, this is where YOU will find yourself the most. This is the place where you would connect with yourself the most. This is where YOU would find an answer to all your questions in Life.

This is where YOU are YOU the most.

Go!!!! The Mountains are calling YOU.

Go!!!! Live the Adventurous yet a Peaceful Life

Where Do You Belong

  1. The Beach Bum

Let’s start another reverie. Let me take you through another journey and unwind

Welcome to a place where the land meets the sea

Imagine a Long walk on the beach with your Partner holding hands on a Summer eve

Imagine you on a Life high without any spirit having run past your throat

Imagine the trust of your bare feet on the Sand feeling the warmth

Imagine the waves gushing past your bare feet making a cry for a dive

Imagine the music of the Sea Breeze playing in your ears

Imagine a Long Summer Kiss with your Partner against the background of the fading sun

Imagine a sudden rush of adrenaline running down your spine

Imagine the calming effect the sea brings on your mind at the same time

Imagine things moving at a slow pace as if the day had 48 hours

Imagine writing names on the wet sand to get wiped off by the next wave

Imagine building castles on wet sand

Imagine you performing innumerable stunts on the water front

Imagine the view where the Sun gets doused by the Waters

Imagine the Dolphins performing acrobatic spins in the air

Imagine all the fun filled time on the sand and on water

Imagine the never tiring wave hitting the shore one more time

Imagine the flock of birds flying in to the fading light

Imagine the Sun bidding good bye bringing the Moon to shine

Imagine the Lighthouse far off serving as a navigational delight

Imagine a sense of belongingness to the scene.

Imagine a bird’s eye view of it all


How do make of this?

How does it make you feel?

Adrenaline pumping….Fun and Frolic….Passionate….Romanticist….Wild….Fairy Tale like….Imaginary

Do YOU yearn to be here and never leave?

Does this bring out a sense of attachment to the place?

Does it give you a sense of Belongingness to such a place?

If YES, be here as much as you can for this is where YOU will find your true self.

Go!!!! The Beach is calling YOU

Go!!!! Live the Spirited Life

Where Do You Belong

  1. The City Site

Let’s go on the Mind trip one final time.

Imagine a place that never sleeps

Imagine the beautiful skyline

Imagine a diaspora from different cultures, race and religion co-existing at one place

Imagine noise and din all around

Imagine hustle and bustle all around

Imagine a sea of crowd as far as your eyes can see

Imagine being caught between crowds

Imagine not a place left to set foot on

Imagine the countless means of Entertainment

Imagine an insatiable desire for a Social Life

Imagine the craving for different cuisines all day long

Imagine the weekends with friends at Clubs and Parks

Imagine the late nights with the Special one

Imagine a Dinner Date at a roof top

Imagine the Infrastructure for one and all

Imagine the Slum and Skyscraper standing side by side

Imagine the theatre delight

Imagine a place where no day is the same.

Imagine the sirens of the Ambulance go by

Imagine an urge to shop from 9 to 9

Imagine a quick bite at a fast food joint

Imagine a day ruled by Social media

Imagine a place where you would hardly ever feel alone

Imagine a place you would never be bored

Imagine a place with opportunities galore


How does this make you feel?

Too Occupied….Bustling….Charming….Cosmopolitan….Contemporary….Fascinating….

Is this where your Mind and Body and Soul wishes to be?

Do you feel a sense of affinity towards this place

If Yes, you’d rather be suited for living a Urban Life.

Consider yourself an Uber Cool Dude/Dudette.

To reach a conclusion

Here I AM,

This is ME,

There is nowhere else on Earth I’d rather BE.

My Sole Purpose in penning this particular Blog is to make you wanna realize where you ought to be more often than not.

I leave it here for YOU to decide for yourself.

As to where you must BE. Where you would find Happiness. Where you’d find your true Self

I wish YOU well, forever….



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