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The Real Hero

The Real Hero

I have been attempting to begin writing this Blog for the past 3 days but could not get the perfect introduction it deserved after all it was dedicated to the Real Heros of our motherland.
I wanted a pitch perfect beginning that this blog deserved. After all, this blog is dedicated to the greatest sons of our soil.

Do YOU have the Belief?

Do YOU Have The Belief?

Let me ask you a few questions right now. What do you make of yourself? What are your thoughts about yourself? How do you react during Happy times and testing ones? What is the level of belief in yourself? Do you think you lack a lot in Life or are you grateful for whatever you …

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Follow Your Path

Follow Your PATH

We are all unique and special in our own way. Let’s not forget, we had won the first race inside our Mother’s womb even though the odds were highly stacked against us. The chances of us wining were only one in Millions. Yet, we triumphed. Our first battle was indeed a battle among battles. That’s …

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Let's Do The Thing

Let’s do the thing…

Consider these damn stats: Weight: 81 kgs; Waistline: 37 inches and along with that no cognizance of the fact that the word ‘fit’ exists in the dictionary. That’s me during my school and college days. Generally speaking these stats are not as bad to be ashamed of, but that’s not the Yo!!!! kinda life I …

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