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Hi there! This is Yogesh Vij here. Very glad on your visit to my Blog and your willingness to know a bit about me.

Honestly, I am more willing to hear your story than tell you mine.

Nonetheless, I shall try only if you add yours in the comments below:

  • I am new entrant in the blogging space and in for a long haul. This is my ADDA and gives me the freedom to express freely and is liberating too.
  • First half of my Life was all about things that I want. Second half seems more like all that I don’t.
  • My views are my views. Though you may choose to agree or disagree. Respect.
  • I am getting wiser by the day. But, definitely not older.
  • I have completed my Post Graduation in Insurance and Finance and work in the Insurance Industry.
  • I never knew I had the skill of writing till I took the plunge. Hope you will tolerate me.
  • There are only 3 things in Life that I found worth spending my money on – Travelling, Food and now my daughter. The rest is a waste.
  • My love for Sports never left.
  • I have an acute shortage of patience. Can you spare me some of yours?
  • I feel that the mountains are always calling me.
  • I am a stickler in getting the job done.
  • Hope you enjoy what I write.

The Social Media Bug never bit me. Nonetheless, we can touch base on

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